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The Nature of Wisdom

There seems to be a lot of talk about wisdom these days and yet wisdom is really not about talking. In fact constant, externalised, intellectual enquiry, without the balance of the inner more intuitive and experiential work, is representative of the current dilemma.

An essential characteristic of wisdom is the integration and sharing of authentic lived experience. We are beginning to restore an understanding that human consciousness transcends many of the barriers that we thought existed and that we are more deeply connected, to both others and the larger world, than we have been led to believe.

In championing a rational and separatist worldview it seems that we may have lost something vital about the meaning of our existence.

"The scientific quest for knowledge and understanding, the technological quest for solutions to practical problems, are but aspects of the central and fundamental quest: to see, to experience, to enjoy what is of supreme value in existence, whatever this may be. Impersonal, academic inquiry, properly organized and constituted, is there to aid what really matters, the searching, the explorations, that we individuals engage in as we live, in seeking to apprehend, to experience, to participate in, what is of value, potentially and actually, in existence. The philosophy of wisdom is not just a conception of inquiry; it is also a way of life."

Nicholas Maxwell - From Knowledge to Wisdom

Here we share some of the key resources that are exploring this subject.

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The Wisdom Page : a comprehensive site that was started in 1995 and now has more than 20,000 documents

The Wisdom Research Network: In 2007, the University of Chicago's Arete Initiative announced a $2 million research program "on the nature and benefits of wisdom." Researchers who had received their PhDs within the past ten years were invited to submit research proposals. Also, a plan was announced to initiate, in 2008, a network that would facilitate communication between and among researchers, scholars, and others who had a deep interest in wisdom.

The Friends of Wisdom : an academic discussion group

The World Wisdom Alliance : The World Wisdom Alliance (WWA) was launched in Toronto in July 2006 by nearly 200 like-minded individuals and organizations, with the support of The Club of Budapest Canada in association with the WorldWisdom Council.

Bruce Lloyd's Wisdom and leadership Paper

Copthorne Macdonald's 'The Wisdom Page'