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Sustainable Futures

The future is reliant upon minds capable of envisioning new possibilities and hence transforming current ways of thinking and operating. We know that the ways that we have been living on the planet in the last 100 years are not sustainable. Nor is the psychological damage caused by us functioning within so many deeply unnatural systems. It could be said that we have been as plundered as the planet.

Attention is now being turned to the skills and attributes needed for us to reinvent both ourselves and society. The global marketplace demands new approaches to the ways in which we consume and a new and more empathic understanding of the comsumer. We have to deal with the fact that most of our most cherished value and belief systems have been based upon flawed models and will need revisiting in the light of this new, emergent understanding.

The future is, therefore, full of challenge, but also full of tremendous opportunity. Never in the history of mankind has a generation had so much knowledge, power and responsibility. Never have we been so connected, with dialogue so openly and authentically shared.

It really is all in our hands.

This is where you will soon be able to access some of the latest thinking on the subject.