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Spiritual Literacy

There is currently a resurgence of interest in spirituality with many spiritual traditions being redisovered and explored. Mankind has always demonstrated the need to find a deeper meaning in our relationship to Self, others and the larger world. At the heart of things it seems that we sense a secret law of balance and beauty that gives us the feeling of being part of something greater than ourselves.

The common quality of spirituality is that it is related to 'lived experience' and has life-enhancing and life-promoting qualities. It affirms and nourishes life as something precious that goes beyond the limitations of our everyday experiences.

There appears to be a deep wisdom at play within us that is both intensely personal and yet totally immersed within life itself. We explore and express it through being open and authentic and by having the courage to confront the boundaries that have shaped who we think we are.

Modern cultures have compromised this ability to voice the truth about our spiritual experiences and yet the evidence is overwhelming that this is a crucial part of what gives us meaning and purpose. Spiritual Literacy explores how the wisdom inherent in these vital lived experiences can be both acknowledged and communicated.