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Learning and Education

We are rapidly moving towards a radically different world where learning needs to be about addressing the needs of the future rather than the past. There is increasing recognition that many of the educational models that we have become used to now need revisiting. With vast amounts of knowledge now accessible to so many people education is no longer about about the retention of knowledge, but rather its relevance and application to human and planetary health and wellbeing.

Nature shows us that every element of a system is as important as every other. Nothing in nature actually has permanently sealed and rigid boundaries, but everything is, instead, variably open and fluid depending on its dynamic situation. Nature also shows us that a system only works at maximum efficiency when every part is fulfilling its unique purpose.

Every child therefore comes into the world as a unique being with extraordinary learning potential. That potential is shaped by the culture within which the child lives, but each child has unique capacities that lead him or her to be particularly interested in certain aspects of the environment. We are not clones, but instead each one of us excels at some things and struggles with others as a result of the wonderful diversity that nature intended. That way each person both fulfills his or her purpose, but also serves the needs of the larger system.

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