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The 'Science, Art and Spirituality of Place, Space and Evolution'

The theory of Inclusionality is an interesting new approach that is being developed by the English biologist Alan Rayner together with a multi-disciplinary team of researchers. Inclusionality considers an understanding of the relationships between contents and contexts to be fundamental to the understanding of living systems. Core to an understanding of inclusionality is the significance of space and its inseparability both from time and matter/energy. It has been substantially informed by another emerging study - that of Transfigural Mathematics.

"In inclusional thinking space, rather than being an empty void, is a highly significant “presence of absence”, which permeates within, around, and through every thing, living or otherwise. It implicitly connects us with our environments, and with other beings within these environments. To illustrate: we might think that we are physically separated and distinct from this page that we are reading. However no matter is entirely solid, so both we and the page comprise molecules that are surrounded by and contain spaces; our skin may seem like a impenetrable barrier yet it is not, we have pores that allow gases to pass through, and the cells themselves are surrounded by “intercellular spaces”. So, the space that surrounds our bodies is also connected with the space inside them, and also inside every object around us. Space connects us with everything else. It is everywhere, literally."

(Pratchett, 1991)

In Inclusional thinking boundaries are key. Inclusional boundaries are both permeable and dynamic. They are continual reflections of the reciprocity between inner and outer spaces.

To learn more about inclusionality and its relevance to revisioning current worldviews visit www.inclusionality.org

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