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Eco/Sustainable Literacy

In linguistic theory 'literacy' encompasses not just reading and writing, but the knowledge, skills and values needed to interpret and express meaning and to be able to participate fully within a given community or culture. Eco/Sustainable Literacy explores those aspects linked to the interconnectedness and sustainability of the natural world and the ways in which such wisdom can be both fully comprehended and effectively communicated.

The Centre for Ecoliteracy - Founded by Fritjof Capra, The Center for Ecoliteracy is dedicated to education for sustainable living.

The Handbook of Sustainable Literacy - Leading sustainability educators are joined by permaculturists, literary critics, ecologists, artists, journalists, engineers, mathematicians and philosophers in a deep reflection on the skills people need to survive and thrive in the challenging conditions of the 21st century.

'We do not need to invent sustainable human communities. We can learn from societies that have lived sustainably for centuries. We can also model communities after nature's own ecosystems, which are sustainable communities of plants, animals, and microorganisms. Since the outstanding characteristic of the biosphere is its inherent ability to sustain life, a sustainable human community must be designed in such a manner that its technologies and social institutions honor, support, and cooperate with nature's inherent ability to sustain life.'

Fritjof Capra