What are the key principles that we see handed down through the Wisdom traditions?

Natural Laws

individual Potential and Responsibility

Dynamic Relationship

Natural Laws
Quantum theory now concurs that there is an indisputable link between the observed and the observer and the natural communion of all phenomena. We are, indeed, all 'connected', although in a way that actually reveals the illusion of boundaries and separation.

What we now know is that there is a deep order behind this communion and that this order has been acknowledged by ancient and indigenous peoples throughout the millenia. It is most evident in the workings of nature and shows us that dynamic growth is only achieved through a very specific interplay of structure and flow. Despite all our technological skills we still cannot replicate the extraordinary efficiency and complexity of the natural world and these laws represent profound truths about the nature of the universe.

Ancient and indigenous peoples understood that working with these laws (i.e. in harmony with nature) improved efficiency and growth, working against them created dissonace and destruction.

Individual Potential and Responsibility
Each one of us is born with unique genetic patterning that leads us to develop very particular interests and skills. This is the result of the informational templates that we have inherited from all the previous generations of our family line. We are, indeed, walking our ancestors! Our personal life experiences then add a further layer of information that shapes our personal map of the world and what we expect of it.

Within a natural systems context each one of us has a unique part to play that fits perfectly with the whole. Fulfilling our potential therefore serves not only us, but the whole system. The good news is that we are guided to our poential through our intuition and the key indicators that we are doing what we are supposed to do are (i) personal interest (ii) personal challenge. When we match personal challenge with existing skills we create a dynamic force known as FLOW. And it is flow that is recognized through the characteristics of passion and joyful learning.

We therefore have a responsibility to ensure that we each fulfill the gift of our potential. This can be challenging as so many of the systems that we live within turn off the innate guiding instincts that let us know what this is. When we are living our gift we experience a deep contentment and satisfaction that is not linked to external objects. We can achieve extraordinary levels of activity without feeling tired. When we are not living our gift we feel disconnected and adrift, with work experienced as a burden and fatigue a constant companion. We then seek solace in 'things'.

Dynamic Relationship
Humans are social beings who know themselves only through others. We are constantly interacting and sensing the energetic qualities of those we meet. What ancient and indigenous people understood, however, is that we exist in an ocean of interacting energies and that every action and reaction creates corresponding ripple effects. By being increasing mindful that our personal worldviews and values are the result of our very specific conditioning we become much more open and respectful of others. By staying open, rather than closed, we invite in the possibility of more dynamic relationships and higher levels of understanding. We are more likely to see that there are many ways of knowing.