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Colleges offering AIWS courses:

Exeter University, UK

Kepler College, USA

University of Wales, Lampeter

Naropa University, USA

Wisdom related

http://www.wisdompage.com/:comprehensive site devoted to wisdom-related resources -various on-line texts concerning wisdom, references to books about wisdom, information about organizations that promote wisdom, wise activities, and listserv groups concerned with aspects of wisdom.


The Alchemy Website

Ancient Sites

The Megalithic Portal: Content-rich user-updated site run by Andy Burnham, (andy@megalithic.co.uk) author of several other websites on megaliths and prehistory. Over the years, this project has become a major team effort with input from scores of photographers, archaeologists, locals and visitors so individual comments are the views of individual contributors.

http://www.stonepages.com/: first Web guide to European megaliths and other prehistoric sites, online since February 1996

Clive Ruggles' Image Collection : The original megalithic website. Particularly good for the Scottish Islands


The Antiquarian Society :
The Antiquarian Society is a registered not for profit organisation working to discover, decipher, record and observe the connection between astronomical events and archaeological sites around the world.

The International Center for Archaeoastronomy : Home of the academic journal "Archaeoastronomy - The Journal of Astronomy in Culture "

http://archaeoastronomy.co.uk/: Alun Salt's site indexing his articles


Amanaka'a: Amanaka'a works directly with Amazon leaders in support of their projects for survival, human rights, the environment, health, sustainable development, education, and more. Our friends in the forest provide you the most up-to-date news that the press often ignores.

Amazon Alliance: works to defend the rights, territories and environment of indigenous and traditional peoples of the Amazon Basin. The Alliance is an initiative born out of the partnership between indigenous and traditional peoples of the Amazon and groups and individuals who share their concerns for the future of the Amazon and its peoples.

Thomas Berry: author of: The Dream of the Earth (Sierra Club Books, 1988 reprinted, 2006), The Great Work: Our Way into the Future (Random House, 1999) and, with Brian Swimme, The Universe Story (Harper San Francisco, 1992). His latest collection of essays is Evening Thoughts: Reflecting on Earth as Sacred Community (Sierra Club Books and University of California Press, 2006).


:Old Egyptian Alchemy in the context of Egyptian Science

Sacred Teacher Healer Plants of the Peruvian Amazon


Druid Tree Lore and the Ogham

Trees and the Sacred

Celtic Studies

Sacred Texts - Celtic


The Druid Network

The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids

The Pagan Federation

The Ceile De


Buckminster Fuller Institute

David Bohm website

David Peat

Earth Mysteries

Explore lost civilizations, ancient ruins, sacred writings, unexplained artifacts, and science mysteries. Meet subject experts, find related books and resources.

Knights Rose:
Knights Rose is dedicated to the exploration and understanding of different types of energy that together make up the reality we perceive through our five senses. We intend to provide information and resources to help people explore their spiritual nature from a balanced perspective. We believe that all metaphysical phenomena should be considered hand in hand with a grounding in good old fashioned common-sense and an understanding of some basic science.

London Earth Mysteries Circle; UK based membership circle

Global Indigenous Studies


Worldwide Indigenous Science Network


Indigenous Peoples Council on Biocolonialism (IPCB).

Geometry and Sacred Number

Richard Heath's site recording supplemental ideas for readers of his new book 'Sacred Number and the origins of Civilization' [pub: Inner Traditions].

Ron Knotts site on Fibonacci and The Golden Section

Bruce Rawles Sacred Geometry Site

Bruce Rawles on YouTube - 7 Hermetic Laws and Sacred Geometry

Library of Alexandria


Encyclopedia Mythica


Philip Burn's Mythology Site

University of Michigan Mythology Site

Sound and Acoustic Studies



World Spiritual Traditions

Theosopical Perspectives

The Spiritual Foundation